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A Workplace Travel Plan can be a condition of receiving your planning permission from the council. This will be set out as a lost of conditions that you must discharge, usually before opening of the site.

A Workplace Travel Plan is given a life cycle by the council which is typically set at 5 years. For each of these years you will need to monitor your staff travel choices and show how you are meeting sustainable travel targets set for you.

The following services are split into three categories:

Services that will discharge your planning condition to enable the opening of your site;

Education and information services that can help you to meet your targets; and

Annual monitoring services and tasks that take action to meet your targets and satisfy the life cycle of your planning condition.

Planning Services

The following services can help to discharge a planning condition put in place by the council that you must comply with before operating. Speak to us directly to ensure that the tasks can satisfy your planning condition and explore what you will need to provide over the next five years.

Annual Staff Survey

We design and distribute an online survey to find out the travel to work preferences and current habits of your staff. The results impact the targets that your development will be subject to.

How Frequent?

This needs to be completed: Annually

Framework Travel Plans

We produce a Framework Travel Plan that sets out how you, as an employer, will encourage sustainable travel to work modes. These include the design features of your development that you have provided such as cycle parking as well as any travel incentives you will provide.

How Frequent?

These can be updated annually if required

Sustainable Travel Targets

Your initial survey results will be used to set your targets for sustainable travel. We will use these results together with the accessibility assessment of your development to agree targets that are suitable and achievable.

How Frequent?

These are set at the beginning and remain your targets throughout.

Education Services

One of our core values is education. We believe that providing easily accessibly educational material will allow and encourage your staff to make wiser choices for travel that will help to meet your targets. The following services can be provided to educate and inform throughout your council set Travel Plan period.

Online Sustainable Travel Course

We provide an online course accessible to your staff to learn more about sustainable travel and inform them to make better choices. This course can be accessed from most devices and can be integrated into your induction training package for new staff.

How Frequent?

This course will stay live as determined by your planning condition

Staff Travel Packs and Website

We can create a travel pack and dedicated travel website for all staff and new starters to provide them with specific travel information for your development including local travel maps. These resources can be updated annually or used to signpost your staff to real time travel information.

How Frequent?

These can be updated annually or as you see fit

Yearly Calendar of Promotions

It’s easy to say that you need to promote sustainable travel at your workplace. To help you execute this we also provide a yearly calendar of travel and wellbeing focused events and promotional material that can be displayed to encourage participation.

How Frequent?

This needs to be completed: Annually

Take Action

Our annual monitoring and analysis services pinpoint where action needs to be taken to meet your targets.  We can also offer extra staff training should you require.

Monitored Action Plan

We monitor your sustainable travel progress against your Travel Plan Framework and identify any areas that need our combined attention to meet your targets. These may be satisfied by small adjustments or simply making your staff aware of the current progress.

How Frequent?

This needs to be completed: Annually

Staff Training

Due to the make up of some developments it may be beneficial for us to provide additional training for your staff to deploy the travel packs and to promote sustainable travel to meet your targets. We can openly discuss and address their pain points that are blocking your targets from being met.

How Frequent?

This can be provided at the client’s discretion

Travel target Monitoring

What happens when your travel targets become unrealistic? Don’t worry. Sometimes we will be asked to accept ambitious targets but after reviewing your performance through staff surveys to meet your targets or we can propose any adjustments to the LHA.

How Frequent?

This needs to be completed: Annually

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