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Why Choose Us?

Dynamic Travel Planning is part of Dynamic Transport Planning Ltd. The creation of our travel planning arm now enables our clients to continue the progress of their development with the same team who supported their successful planning application.

Our clients sit at the heart of our work and we strive to understand your values and goals whilst making your development robust for your first few years of growth.


Gavin Snowball MSC


Gavin set up Dynamic Transport Planning in 2017 and has since provided support for over 100 commercial and residential developments. Providing Travel Planning Services has enabled his clients to extend their relationship with him and know that the services will be reflective of the development’s vision and purpose.

Laura Rimmer BA(Hons)


Laura provides the connection between transport and travel planning with the continuing growth and education of our clients. A career in project management and commercial education allows us to understand the current challenges facing our clients and find the best way forward.

Our Values

Respecting the Client Values

We seek to understand your values and needs and work with you to achieve your development goals

Setting Realistic Targets

We will always seek to set realistic targets for your development taking into account current and future commercial trends in balance with LHA requests

Focus on Education

We are passionate about educating you and your staff with regards to sustainable transport modes to encourage consistent personal choices

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