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What is a Workplace Travel Plan?

A workplace travel plan is a strategy to promote sustainable travel during the working day to and from the workplace. It is not an anti-car policy, but rather a way of promoting safer, more sustainable alternatives to single-occupancy car travel.

A Travel Plan (TP) is an important tool for delivering sustainable access to a new development site.  It provides a long-term strategy with the purpose of delivering sustainable transport objectives through positive action.

TPs also support the aim of promoting more healthy lifestyles through increased walking and cycling opportunities.  As a result, TPs form a key stage in the forward planning process and is a ‘living document’ that is to be regularly reviewed to ensure its effectiveness.

Why do I need a Workplace Travel Plan?

As part of your planning application you have probably submitted some form of accessibility analysis to show that your development can be accessed by potential staff. The council may ask that you provide a travel plan to show that your development will limit the impact on their highway network to what you have proposed in your planning submissions.

What are the benefits of a Workplace Travel Plan?

Benefits For Your Development
Benefits For Your Development

TPs can lead to variety of benefits to the occupiers of a development and the wider community, as well as address a range of issues, including:

Reducing congestion and peak time conflicts;

Reducing energy use and harmful transport emissions;

Tackling social exclusion and improving accessibility; and

Facilitating improved public transport through economies of scale and transport efficiency.

Benefits For Your Staff
Benefits For Your Staff

A travel plan also benefits the employees of a site.

Firstly it shows the employer’s commitment to promoting sustainable travel to their employees.

The Travel Plans provide useful insights into why sustainable transport is needed and the options available to you.

As part of a planning application the employer needs to demonstrate that their site is accessible for it’s staff. These documents provide you with that information.

Staff may also approach their employer or partnering initiatives about areas such as financial benefits or travel loan schemes as part of the employment at that site.

Benefits For Your Company
Benefits For Your Company

A travel plan can have company wide benefits including:

Save money on the cost of providing and maintaining parking spaces

Cut mileage claims and other business travel costs

Reduce staff downtime spent travelling on business

Reduce the costs of running a fleet

Improve your image with both customers, suppliers and neighbours

Help recruit and keep staff by making journeys to work easier and cheaper, and improving your image as a responsible employer

Improve your corporate social responsibility reputation, including meeting environmental targets

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